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Colour LED solar-light "BALL"

Ca. 30 cm diameter. With changing mood colors

Position, switch-on, enjoy!

Decorative ambient light "Ball" for outdoor use. No cables, no installation
required, easy to set-up, just turn on, finished!
With built-in (invisible) solar panel and rechargeable batteries.
Weather-resistant IP67 protection. Especially for outdoor use: garden, balcony,
terrace,... 7 colours and moods can be programmed or changed just by tapping
on the housing.  
During the day, the solar panel collects and converts sunlight into electricity and
recharges the batteries. At night, the light turns on automatically up to 8hrs
using the electricity stored during the day.
The number of hours the light stays on depends on your geographical
location, weather conditions and seasonal sunlight availability.
Shadowed locations will not allow the batteries to be charged entirely and
will reduce the hours of nighttime lighting.
For best performance, the selected location should not be next to nighttime light sources
such as porch- and garden lights, street lights or pool lights which prevents light from
being switched on during the night. 


Funktionen, technische Daten

  • Weather- resistant plastic cabinet
  • Weight ca. 900 Gramm
  • Diameter 30 cm
  • Charging capacity solar panel: 1,5 Watt
  • LEDs: 1,2 Watt
  • Charging capacity: 3 x 1.000 mAH
  • Tap-On Sensor for operating
  • Dusk sensor
  • Rechargeable batteries can be replaced
  • Protection IP67: weather resistant & ability to float



  • RGB-LED Solar-light "BALL"
  • 3 x NiMH Rechargeable batteries, inserted
  • Earth spike
  • Wrench
  • User's manual

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TELEFUNKEN - Produkt erstellen

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TELEFUNKEN - Produkt erstellen

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TELEFUNKEN - Produkt erstellen

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